Watch Linda Seidel Conceal a Tattoo


Watch Linda Conceal a Tattoo


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See Linda at her studio located at: 10210 Dolfield Road South - Owings Mills, MD 21117

In the privacy of her office, Linda will discuss your skin and cosmetic concerns with you. She'll show you how to choose a color palette that's right for you and teach you the techniques she uses that day. And best of all, by following Linda's advice, you'll be able to do it yourself at home!

A full session with Linda is 60 to 90 minutes long and costs $125.00. This session is recommended for all first time clients to ensure that you will receive the maximum benefit from Natural Cover.

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Corrective / Camouflage Makeup Class

Professional instruction in corrective/camouflage covers the information listed below. Upon course completion, each student will receive a certificate from Linda Seidel.

Skin & Skin Tone Matching

  1. the world's colors
  2. good lighting
  3. olive to coffee
  4. beige to brown
  5. rose beige to bronze
  6. adding a tint
  7. limitations

Preparing Skin for Application

  1. exfoliating
  2. hydrating
  3. moisturizing
  4. sun protection
  5. sun damaged skin
  6. excessively oily skin

Common Skin Conditions

  1. hyper-pigmentation
  2. hypo-pigmentation
  3. dark under-eye circles
  4. acne
  5. rosacea
  6. scars
  7. uneven skin tone
  8. bruising
  9. tattoos

Application Techniques

  1. spot concealing
  2. using color theory
  3. layering
  4. layering with powder
  5. blending two shades
  6. stippling
  7. using a brush
  8. foundation application
  9. sheer to opaque

Powder Techniques

  1. waterproofing
  2. dusting
  3. blending powders
  4. loose vs. pressed

Psychological Aspects

  1. It's all about perception
  2. sensitive situations
  3. understanding the power of your words and deeds
  4. consummate professional
  5. ego aside
  6. client for life

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I Want Beautiful, Flawless Makeup - Every Day

From sheer to full coverage, and everything in between, achieve the most perfectly natural-looking, long-lasting results with our Natural Cover System. It guarantees a perfect match from the lightest olive to the deepest bronze shades - creating the perfect foundation choice for everyone… everyday!

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I Want Easy Solutions for My Small to Serious Skin Challenges

Natural Cover Cream is the go-to solution for women facing everything from minor blemishes to major and serious challenges. The combination of our foundation and the techniques we teach will give you a flawless result every time.

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Linda Seidel has helped countless women transform their skin - and the way they think about themselves. Set up a session and let Linda teach you how to achieve a perfect look, or get you ready for a special event or photo shoot. Personalized sessions with Linda are $125.

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